Anal Gaping BFF's

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Best friends Goldie Loc and Jane Wilde get together to max out their gaping skills in this lesbian anal sleepover you won’t want to miss. This is Goldie’s first lesbian anal experience with massive gapes, and gape licking. Shot in 4K Lesbian X, brings you two of the hottest lesbian anal spinners, the most super cute anal lesbians ever!

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Gaping Goldie: Torn Pantyhose/Anal Fun

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In see-through, turquoise pantyhose, tight-bodied, blonde temptress Goldie Loc buzzes her cunt with a vibe and slides a butt plug into her anus. Award-winning stud Mick Blue drizzles oil onto her body, and Goldie rubs a dollop into her young pussy. Mick presents his thick dick for a two-handed blowjob, and Goldie’s red eyes roll back as she sucks. She rims Mick’s asshole. He bends her over and fucks her juicy cooch doggie-style, right through her torn pantyhose. Moaning Goldie looks up from the floor as Mick stuffs his cock in her asshole for some slippery anal reaming complete with messy ass-to-mouth cocksucking, butthole gaping and an erupting cum facial.

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Brake Is Back 2

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Goldie Loc meets all types of interesting people in her job and is very rarely starstruck, but this time is different. She meets Brake’s manager in the hotel lobby and it isn’t until she arrives at his room she realizes just who she is meeting with. She’s been listening to his music for years, and also fantasizing about what they are about to do for just as long. It’s time to make this fantasy a reality.

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My Masseuse

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Dressed in a sheer leotard that hugs her slender body, Goldie Loc (a.k.a. Goldie Ortiz, Violet) struts into the room where Van Wylde awaits her massage skills. She starts out with hot stones to help relax her lover, but Van quickly makes it clear that he finds fondling Goldie’s creamy pussy to be much more fun than having his back rubbed. Goldie is happy to play sexy games, too! She flips Van over onto his back so that his hard cock can be pulled from beneath its towel to allow Goldie to wrap her puffy lips around his shaft. Her pleasure is obvious as she bobs her head and uses her hands to increase Van’s enjoyment of his blowjob. Next Van urges Goldie to trade places with him so that she is laid out on the massage table. He is quick to cover her back and bottom in oil that he takes his time rubbing in. When his hands reach Goldie’s delectable rump, he massages the oil in and then leans forward for a slick pussy licking that gets Goldie squirming in a silent plea for more. Van is happy to oblige, sliding his cock deep into Goldie’s slick fuck hole and rocking his hips in gentle strokes that gradually grow harder and faster. When Goldie flips onto her back, Van resumes his steady pace with orgasmic results. Climbing up onto her knees, Goldie waits for Van to join her on the table before she slides down onto his member and takes control of their lovemaking. She keeps the pace nice and gentle at first, but makes sure to take Van’s dick as deep as it can go. When she finally does speed up, she quickly falls over the edge of ecstasy with a cry or pure bliss. Van is only moments behind Goldie in his climax. His release is sped along when the blonde drops to her knees and uses her clever hands and mouth to coax him towards a release that covers her face and mouth in hot sticky cum.

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Lingerie Love

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Lusty blonde Goldie Loc (a.k.a. Goldie Ortiz, Violet) slips into some sheer lingerie for the benefit of her lover Jessa Rhodes. Instantly turned on by watching Goldie’s struggles to fasten the last of the clasps, Jessa struts over and then drops to her knees to help out. Now that Goldie is outfitted for seduction, the girls can turn around and get naked! Jessa drops her bra to the ground, and then helps Goldie to shimmy out of the teddy that she just finished putting on. With a smile and a laugh, Goldie pushes Jessa down on the bed and relieves her of her panties. Then she leans forward to settle in for a landing strip pussy eating. Jessa just loves having her snatch licked, and she lets Goldie know about every incredible pulse of sensation with loud moans. Pinching her rock hard nipples to increase her enjoyment, Jessa rocks back and forth while gently thrusting her hips as Goldie’s pussy feast brings her ever closer towards ecstasy. When Jessa’s climax breaks through her, she knows just what she has to do to repay Goldie for all of her hard work. Pulling her blonde lover on top of her so that Goldie can watch herself in the mirror, Jessa indulges in playing with Goldie’s lush ass for a few moments and then she buries her face in the smooth baldness of Goldie’s snatch. While Goldie watches the glow of an impending orgasm build on her face, her hands drift lower to Jessa’s twat in the beginnings of a 69. Soon she can’t resist the temptation to dive back in to Jessa’s delectable fuck hole so that they can both work each other to the brink of joy. Although she enjoys the 69, Jessa has something else in mind for their pleasure. Pulling out a double-ended dildo, she pushes it deep into Goldie’s tight channel and then settles the other end deep in her own pussy. The girls lift their legs and start pumping their hips in unison, filling themselves at a perfect angle to bring them both screaming into orgasmic bliss.

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Playtime Commentary

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We’ve brought luscious Riley Reid, Veronica Rodriguez, and Goldie Loc (a.k.a. Goldie Ortiz, Violet) back for a special extra movie where the girls watch their film and give a running commentary about what they see. From comments about how hard they laughed while filming to a play-by-play recap by Veronica about how much she loved licking her friends’ double-stacked pussies, the girls share exactly what they were feeling as they filmed. There’s plenty of giggling when Veronica mentions getting pussy juices in her eyes. When the film makes it to the double-sided dildo, Riley admits that she’s never actually used one before. You would never know from the way she took it like a champ! Goldie also had a first as they filmed this video. She’s never seen someone squirt their ecstasy before, but she goes on to admit that she really enjoyed it. As the video winds down, the girls see themselves kissing and decide that they’d really like to do that again. Their commentary ends with the same laughter and smiles that started the Playtime video!,Did you enjoy this commentary? Would you like to see more like it? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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Dressed in just bras and thongs, Riley Reid, Veronica Rodriguez, and Goldie Loc (a.k.a. Goldie Ortiz, Violet) enjoy a fun afternoon of girls-only pleasure and laughter. Gradually, though, their horniness overtakes them. Transitioning into a three-way kiss that allows them to work each other out of their skimpy clothes, the girls settle into fun that is more sensual in nature. Goldie is the first to enjoy having her puffy nipples licked by her two friends. Riley and Veronica are eager to get the blonde out of her thong so that they can get down on their knees and take turns enjoying the sweet flavor of Goldie’s bald pussy. While Veronica is going to town with Goldie’s twat, Riley gets the party started for her Latina friend. Slipping Veronica’s thong aside, Riley settles in for a luxurious pussy licking of her own. Wanting to get Riley in on the action, the girls rearrange themselves for something new. Riley climbs on top of Goldie’s face so that the blonde can sample her juices through her crotchless panties. Meanwhile, Veronica continues her pussy fingering of Goldie’s twat, which only gets better when Riley slides down so that Veronica has a double-stacked pussy sandwich to enjoy with long sweeps of her tongue. Switching things up yet again, Veronica plants her snatch right above Goldie’s eager face and dives in to Riley’s landing strip pussy with her magic fingers. Although she is enjoying Goldie’s magic tongue, Veronica has something a little bit different in mind as her two girlfriends soon learn. Climbing back into their pussy sandwich, Riley and Goldie wait with breathless anticipation as Veronica carefully presses a double-sided dildo into both of their creamy fuck holes. The girls know just what to do once they’re filled with this makeshift cock, pumping their hip and enjoying the feeling of being fucked. Once Veronica is temporarily done playing ringleader to the other two girls, Goldie and Riley decide that it’s the Latina’s time to shine. Laying her down on her back, they work together with Riley finger fucking her friend’s tight hole and Goldie caressing all over Veronica’s body until the tanned hottie is gushing her sheer pleasure all over the bed. Once Riley and Goldie have licked up the delicious mess, Veronica switches spots with Riley for another round of pussy fingering. When Riley is able to resist the allure of her friends fingers and tongues, Veronica knows just how to send the brunette over the edge, She pulls out a Magic Wand vibrator and presses it to Riley’s clit while Goldie finger fucks Riley’s hot tight hole. Then it’s time for another round of fun with the double-ended dildo. This time Veronica gets to enjoy the toy along with Goldie. The two girls wait until Riley has slid it into each of their snatches, and then thrust their hips in a scissoring motion that just gets better than ever when Riley adds the vibrator back into the mix. Soon Goldie is screaming her climax while Veronica gushes her juices everywhere once again. Now that the lovers are finally sated, they bask in the afterglow while sharing kisses of warmth and affection.

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Package For Goldie

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Sexy Goldie Loc is looking hot as fuck in her tanned clothes as she goes door to door delivering mail. Goldie arrives to Bambino’s house ready to deliver his packages to him. Bambino’s been waiting all week for his stuff, but when it arrives all busted, he’s not too pleased. As part of Goldie’s job, she makes it her priority that before she leaves her customers feel satisfied with her services. So when Bambino is upset with Goldie, she decides to make it up to him, by clutching his big dick over his pants! Ms. Loc drops to her knees, ready to suck and fuck some cock in order to make sure her customer feels satisfied with her services! What Goldie loves most about her job is that she delivers mail, but there’s always a package waiting for her and her dripping wet pussy!

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Fornication Is A Sin

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A casual evening at grandma’s house turns into an experiment when Goldie Loc‘s boyfriend taunts her with his new camera. Never playing by the rules, Goldie lets Michael double-dip her cookie while grandma isn’t looking. They’ll both learn soon enough that grandma always has the last word…

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